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Start your quote request by selecting a category of products by clicking the appropriate tab below and choosing a subcategory. You may search for by product number or name in the "Search" box. You will be prompted to enter your information that will be saved for your next visit, and allow us to calculate shipping to your location. After we calculate your quote and any discounts and shipping, you will receive a pdf document outlining pricing and shipping costs. VisualEdge will take a school or institution Purchase Order or a credit card.

We do stock some product in Indiana, but we primarily use the VEX warehousing and distribution network to save you money. It is still more expensive than we would like, but it is reality at this point in time. All shipping of product leaving their Texas location is handled by FedEx and generally takes 2-5 days to arrive after VEX Robotics processing and packing. VEX is NOT Amazon. They are a very manual organization. Ironically, there are no robots roaming their warehouses packing your product 24/7/365. Humans pull and pack your order. Occasionally they run out of product. They do not work most weekends. They are generous to their employees around the holidays. They take vacations. They are human. It is our job to manage the delivery and take care of you by keeping you informed as much as possible. We are here to make your experience as smooth as possible. It's our job, and we take it very seriously. There is a reason we are VEX's oldest supplier (since 2007). Never hesitate to pick up the phone or email if there is a problem.

At this time VisualEdge only takes orders from verified schools/educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations in our sales area shown below in red. For more detailed information, download our Quote Process PDF.

In compliance with the recent South Dakota vs. Wayfair ruling, VisualEdge must have tax exempt information for all customers on file as of April 1, 2019. To register as tax exempt, please submit your tax exempt certificate (preferred) or tax exempt number to . This must be completed prior to placing an order in order for it to be considered tax exempt. If you are not a tax exempt entity, please go to for ordering.

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